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What Is DishTv

DishTv is India’s First and Asia’s Largest Direct-to-Home Digital Entertainment Service Provider that brings over 700+ channels and services along with advanced value added services to your Tv set.

How is it better than the existing cable system?

Besides giving you the experience of a new technology, DishTv offers you an option of complete freedom from the cable guy. Going the Direct-to-Home way has innumerable advantages that change the way you watch TV forever.


  • Superior Picture Quality, Just like watching a DVD
  • Digital Picture Quality
  • Stereophonic Sound
  • Capacity up to 700+ channels and services
  • Geographic Mobility
  • Uninterrupted Viewing
  • Video Games
  • Exclusive International Channels
  • Parental Lock Facility
  • Electronic Program Me Guide
  • Value Added Services
  • Add Reminders
  • Add Favourite Channels
  • Multilingual channels

I already have cable TV. Can I also get DishTV to work on my TV set?
No Problem! DishTV is digital and direct, that means when you choose to install DishTV, you need not your own Dish, simply connect the set-top box to your existing TV, insert your personal unique Viewing card and you are ready to go!

Infact, you can watch television without disturbing your existing cable connection in normal TV mode AV option from the remote of your TV set. That means both the inputs can be used simultaneously


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